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Benefits of ReDi

What does ReDi offer? 
  • ReDi makes research in the field of Diaconia and Christian social practice ‘visible’ nationally and internationally and provides a platform for local and national research 
  • ReDi brings researchers and practice together to share experience and results and to develop new projects and initiatives 
  • ReDi makes it easy for researchers to find partners for their work in different contexts and for those who would like to use research to find suitable partners for new projects 
  • ReDi provides a framework for networks based on shared interests or regional contexts to organise their common work and share it in an wider forum 
  • ReDi makes it easy for those in the field to keep up to date with the latest research and development news internationally 
ReDi supports:
  • research conferences, workshops, seminars and other exchanges of research experience 
  • publication in the field of research of Diaconia and Christian social practice 
  • exchanges of academic materials and publications between different individuals and institutions 
  • mobility of teachers and researchers in the field of Diaconia and Christian social practice 
ReDi for development
  • ReDi can create research processes which build long term evaluation of social and diaconal action and build an understanding of which approaches and methods are most effective. This is important not only for improving practice but also in lobbying nationally and internationally 
  • ReDi can create new research projects to analyse and compare different contexts or to carry out thematic research related to, for example emerging issues 
  • ReDi can help to construct research based arguments which can be used to develop diaconia and gain new resources 
  • ReDi can support research in new contexts and new fields by sharing know-how and experience (for example across a region like central and eastern Europe)