Survey: Developing the Membership and Programme of the Research Society

The aim of ReDi is to promote and support study and research in the wide field of diaconia and Christian social practice. ReDi is working on building an active database which can be used to develope the Society and to create networks and programmes. 

ReDi is therefore asking you to help by filling out the following questionnaire so we can:
  • Build up contacts with persons and organisations in the field in order to develop the membership and build the network.
  • Create a "map" or existing research and of needs and proposals for future research. This will help in developing new sections and networks as well as new research projects. In this way ReDi can also help to build bridges between researchers and research needs.
ReDi will not use the information submitted below in any way until we contact the original owner and receive explicit permission. 

ReDi Questionnaire