7th bi-annual ReDi conference in Berlin to take place from 12-14 September 2018

The Seventh Biannual ReDi Conference will take place from 12-14 September 2018 in Berlin hosted by Diakonie Deutschland, the Institute for the Study of Christian Social Services at the University of Heidelberg, Eurodiaconia and ReDi. The conference theme is “Beyond Services – Towards Justice”. The subthemes of the conference address topics like “Globalisation and Justice from a Theological Perspective”, “Economics of Solidarity”, “Welfare, Gender and the Crisis of Care”and “Diaconal Science in Current Academic Curricula”. Please have a look at the detailed programme and the list of workshops.


If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at conference@diaconiaresearch.org.

REDI is:

„A society for all interested in the study and research of the churches contribution to social welfare and health. The broad field includes very large organisations and small local initiatives. Contributions are made through the provision of services, advocacy, by working for change and much more. ReDi aims to strengthen research in the field.

You are invited to join ReDi if you are engaged in the study and research of Diaconia. Membership is open to individuals and organisations. Students, people form the Global South and people on low income are eligible for fee reductions. You can apply online for individual or institutional membership.

REDI provides:
  • An international network and platform for people and organisations involved in the research and study of Diaconia and Christian social practice
  • A switchboard which helps researchers find others with similar interests in order to create networks and projects
  • A bridge between researchers and research institutes and those involved in practice in order to create new projects
  • An international conference for researchers held every two years and regular regional conferences
  • A link to a peer-reviewed Journal which covers the wide field of research including evaluation, contextual analysis and theological, ethical, empirical and hermeneutical studies
  • A regular eNews to keep members informed of significant developments and additional reports from practice