Ninna Edgardh

Prof. Dr. Ninna Edgardh is professor of ecclesiology, especially social and diaconal studies, at the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University. Her international publications include articles on liturgy, ecclesiology and studies on Christian social practice, welfare and gender. She has been part of the editorial committee of Diaconia – journal for the study of Christian Social Practice since its founding and was elected chair of the executive board of ReDi at the annual meeting in Helsinki Finland in 2016.

Nadine Bowers Du Toit

Dr. Nadine Bowers Du Toit is the Director of the Unit for Development and Religion Research and a Senior Lecturer in ‘Theology and Development’ at the Faculty of Theology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. She obtained her Doctorate in Theology with a specialisation in Development from the University of Stellenbosch in 2005 and has published in the fields of theology and development, gender and ethics. One of her passions is helping the local congregation understand its role as an agent of change and she is often invited to address congregations, denominations and FBOs on this topic. She was elected vice chair of the executive board of ReDi in 2016.

Eurodiaconia - Florian Tuder
Treasurer & Institutional Board Member

Eurodiaconia is a European network of churches and Christian NGOs providing social and health care services and advocating social justice. Its membership represents the needs and unique experiences of 46 national and regional organisations in 32 countries. Eurodiaconia hosts the office of ReDi. This means that Eurodiaconia collects and administrates the membership fees and coordinates the newsletter and the website.

Florian Tuder is the ReDi contact person at Eurodiaconia. Florian is a Policy, Projects & Research Officer at Eurodiaconia in Brussels. He studied theology and European studies in Austria, Romania & Belgium. Since 2016 he works on Eurodiaconia’s research agenda, EU-funding policies, European youth policies, and project development. Prior to that Florian worked as scientific project officer at Graz University (Austria) and for the scientific foundation “Pro Oriente” (Vienna, Austria) in the field of ecumenical relations in Europe.

VID Specialized University – Annette Leis-Peters
Secretary & Institutional Board Member

VID Specialized University in Norway was established as a result of a merger of four diaconal and church-based university colleges in January 1, 2016. These were: Diakonhjemmet University College, Haraldsplass Deaconess University College, Betanien University College and School of Mission and Theology merged and became VID Specialized University. VID offers bachelor and master programs in the fields of health, social work, social pedagogy, diaconia, theology, value-based leadership, family therapy and intercultural competence in Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger/Sandnes. It has to PhD programs, one in theology and religion and one in diakonia, values and professional practice.

Dr. Annette Leis-Peters is Associate Professor in Sociology of Religion and Diaconal Studies as well as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Diakonia and Leadership Studies at VID Specialized University in Norway. In her research and her publications, she focuses on the intersection between religion, welfare and civil society. She is a member of the editorial team of ”Diaconia. The Study of Christian Social Practice”.

Ulla Siirto
Contact Person to the Finnish Authorities

Dr. Ulla Siirto is Associate Professor at Diak (Diaconia University of Applied Sciences) in Helsinki/Finland. Before she started to teach, Ulla has both worked as a social worker and as a deacon. In her PhD, she has studied the role and the work of the deacons in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church. Her current research focuses on the field of migration and refugees. Since ReDi has been registered as an association in Finland, Ulla is an important bridge between ReDi and the Finnish authorities.

Institut für Diakoniewissenschaft und DiakonieManagement (IDM) - Beate Hofmann
Institutional Board Member

The Institute for Diaconic Science and Management (IDM) is part of the Protestant University Wuppertal / Bethel and runs a Masters program in Diaconic Management in English and in German and a PhD program that leads to a Dr. Diac. The IDM is placed on the site of one of the largest and most well known social service agencies in Europe, the “von Bodelschwingh foundation Bethel”. The focus of the institute is leadership in social service agencies.

Prof. Dr. Beate Hofmann is Professor for “Diaconic Science and Management” at the Institute for Diaconic Science and Management (IDM) in Bethel/Bielefeld, Germany She is an ordained Lutheran pastor and holds a PhD and a habilitation in Practical theology. Her recent research focuses on leadership and service development within diaconal institutions.

Prof. Dr. Herman Noordegraaf
Board Member

Herman Noordegraaf is extra-ordinary professor for diaconia at the Protestant Theological University that is connected with the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. The university is located in Amsterdam and Groningen. He is especially involved in research on poverty and care. He is member of the editorial team of Diaconia. Journal for the Study of Christian Social Study.