It is the objective of “Diaconia. Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice” to contribute to new research and interpretations of Christian social practice with and among the marginalised. To hear, interpret and communicate the voices in the field and to analyse their social and political context is an important field of study and practice. The journal welcomes contributions elaborating such topics. Because of the complexity of the field, we are especially interested in interdisciplinary research. We welcome contributions on biblical, ethical, dogmatic and contextual theologies, historical, socio-scientific and practical aspects of the Diaconia and Christian social practice.


Please note: This journal is an open access journal (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Diaconia is edited by Annette Leis-Peters (Oslo) in cooperation with Ninna Edgardh (Uppsala), Trygve Wyller (Oslo), Anne Birgitta Pessi (Helsinki), Kari Latvus (Helsinki), Tony Addy (Järvenpää and Prag), Johannes Eurich (Heidelberg), Erica Meijers (The Netherlands), Herman Noordegraaf (Leiden), Ingolf Hübner (Diakonie Deutschland), Ignatius Swart (Pretoria), Kaia Schultz Rønsdal (Oslo).

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