Regional Network in Central and Eastern Europe

The interdiac Research Platform is an international, ecumenical platform for the research of diaconia and Christian social practice for Central and Eastern Europe. The platform brings together researchers and practitioners across the region annually for an exchange concerning research which will contribute to the development of the field. The research aims to be connected to practice and learning. The Forum currently has three research projects running, two on diaconal work, with ‘people on the move’ and ‘marginalised young people’ and one on diaconia and ecclesiology.

The interdiac Research Platform became a regional network of ReDi in January 2020 and the Forum may be contacted through Janka Adameová (


Regional Network in Germany

The German Network of Diaconal Sciences joined  ReDi as a regional network in June 2019. It is an international, German-speaking platform for a large variety of scholars and is operating for several decades. It emerged from “Deutsche Diakoniewissenschaft” and Diaconia Germany. The aims of their annual conferences are the exchange among scholars concerning training & research as well as current challenges and new developments in the field of diaconal sciences. Curricula processes and epistemological questions are also part of the discussions at the conferences which have a changing theme each year.

In 2019 the members of the board are Prof. Dr. Ralf Hoburg (Hannover), Prof. Dr. Johannes Eurich (Heidelberg), and Prof. Dr. Christoph Sigrist (Bern).



What are regional networks in ReDi?

Within ReDi there is the possibility to form regional networks in order to represent geographical or topical interests in furtherance of the aims and objectives of ReDi.

To learn more about this opportunity, please get in touch with us at