A DOTAC Seminar Series on DIAKONIA Perspectives on the Diakonia of All Believers is coming every Monday in May.


May 1: Deacon Darryl W. Stephens, PhD
May 8: Deaconess Norma Dollaga
May 15: Pästeur Parfait Ekoume
May 22: Man-Hei Yip, PhD
May 29: Deacon Mary Elizabeth Moore, PhD


Session Process
Welcome, Opening, and Introduction (5-10 minutes)
Introduction to Presenter
Speaker’s Presentation (15 minutes)
Breakout “Rooms”/Small Group (15 minutes)
• Introduce yourself – name, location, diaconal association/community
• Question:
What stood out for you in the presentation? (e.g. something meaningful or challenging or new idea for you or that you need to think more about)
• Discussion: What is one question or comment that the group can bring back to the whole group?
• Post your one question or comment in the chat when you get back to plenary
Plenary (15 minutes)
Announcements, Thanks, and Closing Prayer (5-10 minutes)


To register, send an email to dotacmondaysinmay@outlook.com. You will be sent a Zoom link closer to the time of the event. All sessions will last just slightly over an hour and begin at 1 pm Central Daylight Time.


To learn more about the events, follow this link: 2023 Mondays in May DOTAC seminar series on Diakonia.