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The International Society for Research and Study of Diaconia and Christian Social Practice (ReDi) and VID specialised University will be hosting the 8th ReDi Conference under the theme “Diakonia as Gamechanger”.

The development of society on both global and local level is increasingly described in terms of crisis. Climate change is becoming more perceptible and poses new problems and challenges for humanity. Neoliberal globalisation and economic policies have contributed to increased social inequalities and injustice, and a growth in unemployment and in precarity of income from employment. Furthermore, demographic developments and forced migration undermine solidarity and lead to tension between generations. The extent and speed of the changes has created fears that materialise socially and politically, such as radicalisation and right-wing populism.


How can diaconal organisations and churches meet those challenges?


Besides lectures, paper sessions, panels, workshops, bible studies and excursions, the conference will provide specific spaces of encounter for PhD students in the field of Diaconia. Researchers, and in particular PhD students are invited to submit abstracts of maximum 200 words for paper sessions, panels or workshops until 20 Feburary 2020.

For more information about the theme of the conference and how to submit your abstract, please have a look at the CALL FOR PAPERS.