Our institutional member Eurodiaconia, a Brussels-based federation of 51 social and health care service providers in Europe is looking for project partners. Recently, the European Commission has published a call for proposals under the research programme Horizon2020 called “Addressing Radicalisation through Social Inclusion” with the application deadline in March 2020.


Eurodiaconia works on this topic since 2016 and has organized events in Brussels and Europe and has published different papers and reports on the topic. Eurodiaconia would be interested in applying for the Horizon2020 grant and would be happy to join a project consortium, however not as the main project promoter. They could still bring a unique view on the topic from a diaconal/social perspective and would be happy to contribute actively to the project development under the leadership of an academic institution.


If you represent an academic institution that would be interested in partnering with Eurodiaconia in developing a research project proposal, please get in touch with Eurodiaconia Senior Policy, Projects and Research Officer Florian Tuder at