Recently, the ReDi Executive Board was happy to accept the request of the CODE Forum to become a thematic network of ReDi.The CODE Forum brings together researchers and practitioners in the field of community development and Diakonia. It is a multidisciplinary network with broad international participation. CODE Forum seeks to support research that explores the theory, theology and practice of community development, involving faith communities, civil society and other local actors. It organises regular international seminars and has a steering group for research project development. The Forum is mapping research in the field of community development and Diakonia. CODE Forum is linked to the CODE research group at VID University in Norway.


In 2020, the CODE Forum invites interested researchers and practitioners to the third international meeting which will focus on the theme: “Community Development in the context of neoliberalism and populism.” There will be time for updates, sharing research and discussing future projects; Future planning or working groups of the Forum may also meet informally during the morning of 16th September before the ReDi conference starts. If you would like to make a presentation at the Forum or contribute in any other way, please contact:

Stephanie Dietrich (professor diaconal studies, VID):  and Tony Addy (Consultant, interdiac):


To learn more about ReDi’s regional networks, please visit the section on the networks or contact our Membership Officer Vera Nygard at