The CODE Forum invites you to participate in the 2022 research conference!


The event will take place on September 28th and 29th at the main campus of Diak (Kyläsaarenkuja 2, Helsinki, Finland).  

The CODE Forum brings researchers and practitioners together around approaches which relate community development and diakonia. It is a space for the exchange and development of research and practice. The Forum has met twice previously, but the meeting last year was postponed due to Covid travel restrictions.

At the Forum, there will be space for presentation of papers and reports from practice. We also invite contributions to the discussion of research ideas and proposals for new research as well as posters. The Forum aims to offer a space for the exchange of experience and the development of ideas. It aims to support innovation in the field and the development of research and learning programmes.

The main themes for this year’s Code Forum are:

1. Critical Approaches to Community Development and Diakonia in a Time of Crisis

 2. Innovative Approaches to Community Development 

For more information on the Code Forum and the programme, please visit the following link. 

More information also here.