During its last Executive Board Meeting, ReDi was very pleased to accept the request of interdiac Research Platform to become a regional network of ReDi for Central and Eastern Europe. It is the second network to join the association formally. The decision builds on the close relations within the already existing network with the aim to further increase exchange among scholars internationally and to develop the academic discipline of diaconal sciences further.

The interdiac Research Platform is an international, ecumenical platform for the research of diaconia and Christian social practice for Central and Eastern Europe. The platform brings together researchers and practitioners across the region annually for an exchange concerning research which will contribute to the development of the field. The research aims to be connected to practice and learning. The Forum currently has three research projects running, two on diaconal work, with ‘people on the move’ and ‘marginalised young people’ and one on diaconia and ecclesiology.

The Forum may be contacted through Janka Adameová (

To learn more about ReDi’s regional networks, please visit the section on the networks or contact our Membership Officer Florian Tuder at