The University of Easter Finland is organising a webinar on 8th – 9th December 2021. Please find info below:


What do the patristic sources say about deacons? How have the Protestant authorities been read?
What kind of argumentation has been used to define contemporary praxes? These questions are
the focus in our upcoming webinar in December.

Recent research has shown that the dominant understanding of such concepts as “deacon” or “the tasks of a deacon” are not based on the documents of the early church, at least not entirely. The reading of the sources has often been one-sided, maybe even intentionally so. Why is that? How have the sources been read? And how should you read them in your own research work? In our webinar, we are trying to find answers to these questions, using recent research data as examples.

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More information: esko.ryokas@uef.f